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What are some things you do when you log on to the game?

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  1. Do 2-5 pvp games depending on how it goes, usually that gets Daily (2g) done.
  2. Do any festival/ls/current event stuff if there's some live.
  3. Daily T4 Fractals if 2. is not live
  4. Log out and live your actual live, 2-3 hours gaming is enough for some of us :P

If you can spare more time you could go world bosses, wvw, map completition, that can take quite some time, good luck :)

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I hope to have more exploration, I'm not in the mood of farming endlessy and mindlessly mats for legendary or whatever.But I would enjoy a lot to play as a scientist that have to reference every creature of Tyria. Even being an archeologist able to translate the asuran scripts engraved everywhere, learn how to program a golem... all that as side stories, you know, would make the world more LIVING.

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1) Farm home instance and guildhall2) Dailies for 2g3) Get provisioner tokens if I need them4) WvW(at the moment at least)5) Maybe chase some APs/Skins/Stuff if I feel like it

Also: To everyone responding with a snarky "I log out lul le epic troll xdxdxdxdxdx"-response, you know you're free to leave if you don't feel like playing anymore, no one forces you to stay...and send me your stuff before you do. kthxbye ;)

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Only set routine is

  1. Log in for daily chest, farm home instance(only really get quartz crystal and wintersday tree) and bandit chest if it's near either.

Do whatever I feel like after that (can be T4 Fracs,dungeons,WVW,PVP, Metas). Lately have not done much except little here and there of events/metas. I do have next goal to get Vision, but in no rush at all.

Things I can't get myself to do is park alts at a spot and open chests and mine/chop/gather, but I can see how some like it.

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@Mushuchalaka.9437 said:Things I can't get myself to do is park alts at a spot and open chests and mine/chop/gather, but I can see how some like it.

I'm the same. Whenever I do dailies and there's a jumping puzzle involved I make sure I do that last so I can leave the character at the chest, with the idea that I'll leave them there for a while and log in daily to open the chest. Then I inevitably forget about it until the next time I want to play them. That's one reason I don't have much of a routine in general, too much to remember and I get distracted by what I actually want to do and end up skipping it or forgetting it.

Although time is the bigger issue. I usually only get an hour or two a day so if I tried to do too many things every day I'd never have time for anything else and just end up going in circles and get bored. Plus there's no point collecting materials and currencies if I never have time to find a use for them.

I'm doing a lot of farming now, but only because I'm in the very early stages of making a legendary (3 days in) when it's all exciting. It's my first time making one without precursor collections since 2013/4 and I found it quite overwhelming without that structure, I could easily burn through materials and gold and get 90% of it done very quickly then get stuck on the time-gated/otherwise slow bits, but I know that's a bad idea. So I'm putting that enthusiasm into getting the slow bits started, knowing I'll get bored with them sooner or later and then I can switch to something else and come back to it a bit at a time until it's done.

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I have a list that makes vital money over time:

AP/2 Gold DailiesLey-Energy Matter Converter & Karmic ConverterEcto RefinementsCharge Quartz CrystalOrnate Rusted KeyProvisioner TokensPact Scout's Mapping MaterialsFlax Farm with parked charactersHome/Guild gatheringAmalgamated Gemstone at least 1 from any of the Expansion metas

I don't do anything in any order because certain things happen during a certain part of a 2 hour cycle. Otherwise I end up doing the fast LW3 dailies for quick loot. Then I figure out which task I want to do on my collections.

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Log on to my Secret Garden character to harvest said garden.

Hop on to Siren's Landing to get the buffs from the guild and spirit banners there.

Go to Sparkfly Fen and kill Krait for the daily key.

Enter the Desert guild hall for daily gathering (best one, because of the Obsidian Shards - unless the daily requires a HoT region).

Go to Divinity's Reach (or another city, if there's a daily) to advertise my completed home instance and take people along for the daily mining of nodes.

Visit the Provisioner NPCs across Tyria to gather further Tokens for legendary upgrades.

Do the rest of the PvE dailies, if interested.

Hop into WvW to grind ticks for my legendary armor set (and finish any remaining dailies).

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