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Portal as a pseudo shatter in F5


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This is NOT a tradeoff idea. It's for ALL mesmer elite specializations, as well as the core.Here's an idea.

I guess it's obvious that portal was a very strong utility skill, and it was mandatory in high level play so it was nerfed. What I have in mind is to make portal a class mechanic for Mesmer, including elite specializations.

Portal should be F5 and it should not be a shatter nor a glamour: so it's not affected by Signet of Illusions. It also shouldn't be affected by Continuum Split.Of course the current utility portal should be removed.

This is the skill:Portal Entre (50 second or less cooldown)Creates a portal for 15 (or 20) seconds at the mesmer's current position.

Portal ExitCreates the other portal.Maximum number of players who can pass is 3 in PvP and 5 otherwise.Stays active for 15 seconds.

There should be a trait in illusions or domination (so in a damage-oriented specialization) like this:

Extends the time between portals from 15 (or 20) to 25 (or 30)Extends the number of players from 5 (3 in pvp) to 10 (5 in pvp).No cooldown reduction.

The reason I thought of this is to add another playstyle to Mesmer: A rotational damage dealer (like power herald) in pvp. It will also help fractals and raids too.

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@phokus.8934 said:If it’s part of base Mesmer and elites how does it offer another playstyle? Mesmer as a whole gets a free port and maintain their current utilities.

I’d rather they change Portal from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.

It frees a utility slot, so power mesmers can take two instead of one utility since blink is pretty much forced take at this point.Well if portal is too much for F5, I'd say we should make F5 blink instead (again, not a tradeoff idea).And yes, I also think Trickery's more initiative should be baseline as well.

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