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Regarding Sigils on separate weapon sets

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So my question is the product of what seems like confusion between what the tooltips on skills are showing me, versus what the attributes window is saying. So, with one set of weapon I have a major sigil of smoldering, and the other has a superior sigil of smoldering. Swapping between each weapon set changes the burn duration in the attribute window, as I expect it would. The Burn duration on one particular tooltip says 3 and 3/4 seconds regardless of which weapon set I'm holding. Depending on math and such, I don't see a problem there either.

The confusion comes in when I remove one of the weapons holding the sigil. The attribute window properly reflects the removal in the burning duration, but the tooltip remain at 3 and 3/4 seconds, as though it were counting the sigil in my other weapon set as active, even though I'm not presently holding it. So perhaps you can see why I'm confused. The attribute window is telling me one thing (that such a sigil is only in effect when the weapon housing it is being held), but the tooltip is telling me otherwise (that said sigil is always in effect, even when not holding that weapon presently). Which of these is true?

I apologize if any of that came off as convoluted/hard to understand. I struggled with wording it.

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What are your traits and gear? Are you using food?

Condition Duration caps at 100%. You may be already hitting the cap.

Alternatively it may be a bug. Look at your traits and gear. Compare it to something like gw2skills.net (put your build into it).

If it looks like it's a bug, report it.

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