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Would u like more character customisation with LS 5?

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What kind of customisation are you thinking of? New hairstyles and faces? New elite specs/other ways of adding skills? Something we haven't had before, maybe like Elder Scrolls Online's personalities which change how your character stands and moves and some of the emotes they use. (I assume you're not thinking more armour skins/weapons/outfits/mount skins etc. since it's pretty much guaranteed we'll get those.)

If it's just more hairstyles and faces then I'd be inclined to say no. I know a lot of people want them and I'm not opposed to them being added but I very rarely change my characters so for me it doesn't really add anything.

I think they are planning to add new elite specs, but whether I use them will depend on what they are. I've got a pretty good balance of race/gender/professions right now and more characters than I really have time to play so I'm reluctant to add more, which means changing one I already have and that means a new elite spec would have to be better for me and my character than one I already have.

And if it's something totally new then it depends on what and how it's obtained. I like the idea of Elder Scrolls Online's personalities, but most of them are in the cash shop and most times I look at what it does, look at the price and decide I don't like it that much.

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There have been a couple of faces added with PoF, though. Still it would be cool to finally see

  • a new male body option for Norn (one that doesn't have a crooked posture and gorilla arms etc, since Norn boys look normal and so do the women),
  • more new faces for Norn, Charr and Asura,
  • more beard options for Humans and Norn,
  • more body options for female Humans and Norn (with broader shoulders).
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No, I think there is more than enough hairstyles/colors, faces etc and other options, I'd rather have Anet focus on actually making content or a new race altogether if cosmetics are in mind. I feel like it's much more important to focus on the "updates" that was held back and should have been launched already due to the whole layoff thing.

Some PvP updates to make it more alive again maybe. Or roll out that update for alliance based systems in WvW with guilds etc that should have been in from the launch. Too much focus on cosmetics and PvE atm, and this is coming from someone who loves Fashion Wars 2 and PvE.

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