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[Merged] Big mount bug

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Ever since the update today everytime I mount up on any mount on any character I can't stay in the mounts saddle. The only time it's ok is when I'm not moving or going in a straight/flat line.I like using the Jackal the most (but this happens to all mount) if I'm going up hill I end up sitting on it's butt! Going left or right I'm hanging half off the mount.

I never had this before the update, only after. I have logged out/in several times. Shut the game down all together 3 times but nothing. It's not a 'lag thing' because my combat is dead on.

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:: Mount Bug ::Some mount's are just broken (griffon, raptor, jackal, skyscale, springer as far I saw).You can't sit in the saddle anymore if you go up or down a hill.I did a vidoe here to show you:

:: Shrine Guardian Bug ::As a small reminder - the Shrine Guardian skin is still broken.I did report it some months ago. Here is a video of it:

:: (Possible) Griffon Bug ::It also seems like the wings of the griffon are a bitbroken? Not sure about it! But it looks kinda odd:


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It's terrible on my Asura- whenever I'm on uneven terrain, he's sitting on his mount with one foot. The rest of him is hanging in mid-air. This is a new character and I didn't know if this was just him or what, but I did notice on my female Norn sliding around in the saddle pretty bad. Hope this gets fixed soon. It's unsettling.

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I've also never seen the sliding off your seat thing- granted, i run on lowest possible settings because potato pc and integrated graphics. xD

Edit: scratch that, i went to lion's arch as i wasn't getting it roaming the hills below gendarran airship. I managed to get it to happen once but it's difficult to receate it even when i try and move in the same way.

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