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[Merged] Big mount bug

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Same issue here as well. Bless you all for making the thread.I keep falling through the saddle on my Skyscale when I cling to cliffs.If the ground isn't flat, then the character will go out of the saddle either left or right. Sometimes the character will lean forward and go through mount's neck, or go waaay backwards to the tail.

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Fix in latest patch (see Patch Notes).

Stephane Lo Presti.7258 ArenaNet › September 4, 2019Bug Fixes:Fixed a bug that affected the player character’s position when mounted.

Got back from work, turned PC on and launched the game and had a small patch. Mounted up in Divinity's Reach and spent 10mins running up and down the ramps.All's fine and dandy again.

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