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So, I have been out of the game for a few years, due to, you guessed it. REAL LIFE. Now I have things sorted (I hope) and I'm looking to make a return, with the Path of Fire expansion, and was curious if there are any viable PvP/PvE One hander-Shield/Dual Wield builds.

I would love to see what there is, if anything passably viable. I also want to point out, I'm not looking for top tier, just something that can let me carry my own weight Solo/PvP/Dungeons.

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A lot of Condi Herald builds run Mace/Axe, Sword/Shield, but it doesn't have dual wield. It's probably the best build outside of Heal Herald that runs shield since Power Herald need offhand sword. (this is for pvp/wvw, mind you). You could modify it to Sword/Sword, Mace/Shield, but I think that would be less effective overall

For Fractals and Raids, Power Renegade is meta and it dual wields swords.

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@Knighthonor.4061 said:

@"Arrion.2185" said:

Found this build, but one thing confuses me about it. It takes a trait for swords, but uses mace axe for DW, and a Short Bow.

Because it triggers off of Crits as well as Sword attacks. So your crits will proc that for 9% damage increase when full stack

That’s similar with what I am trying to do, I was using Marshall stats.

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@"Arrion.2185" said:So, would y'all say that build I linked is good to use?

The build you linked is the meta condi build. Yes, it's great to use. Build is a little outdated though, refer to this instead: https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/revenant/renegade/condition/

There are some adjustments you can make to make it better for Open World and solo play as well, for example, using Incensed Response (in invocation) and Vindication (in Renegade) to make sure you have 25 stacks of might when running solo.

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