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Show Finish Time of Every Griffon Race

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This is a suggestion that we get to see the time for every Griffon Race we complete and not just our daily/lifetime best. It'll really help me see where I am making up or losing ground.

Am I .10 off or .05 off from my last best time? Time splits would be nice at ring markers as well. Let me know how far behind or ahead I am.

This really is the best part of this expansion and I would love to see it expanded upon.

I'd also really like to see griffon races with multiple people racing at once.

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Bit of a "bump" but this would be a nice thing to have.After the swoop nerf, I also wonder if the times need resetting since in some races I suspect the old system gives you an advantage - meaning some of the best times are now not actually possible to beat.

And, finally... another nice change would be if the race started with a (short) timed countdown. Right now you can cheat the system a bit by starting early and clicking the "start" button at the last possible moment before you get out of range. But it doesn't really feel like that should be part of the race - especially since, consequentially, you can easily get the camera stuck after clicking that button if you tried to turn before the dialog completely disappears. Not having to think about it would be great, I could just focus on the race then.(Especially if we got times reported on every race. Otherwise I don't know if my experimentation is working or not, or whether my execution is just bad if my times aren't improving.)

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