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LFGuild - Casual player SRF


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Hi, my name is DeadSmack, same as the char, i'm not a new player, but haven't played much, so with the new expansion, i'm on the game, and really got into it.So i'm looking for a guild, that can help me out with tips and how-to's, so i can progress.My timezone is GMT+0 London, i'm from Portugal, but i can speak English almost as my main language.Would enjoy a friendly Guild, active and with Discord, so we could not be alone xDGot both expansion, armor and weaponsmith at 495 (close), used to do Meta Events, and now i'm focusing on getting my char Geared, he is a Charr, Warrior btw, and i'm changing from PS to Condi DPS. Not sure if it's the right thing, so that's why i need a guild 2. xD

Thank You all!!

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