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Champion Rush - no rewards still

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Update: I had to teleport to a main city for the rewards to appear but I got them.

Just wondering if anyone else has gotten the rewards or even the AP for the champ rush last week. I participated and got nothing bar the loot from killing bosses. I know there was a bug and they said they would reward when it was over but I still got nothing right now, is that the same for everyone? Is there an update?

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More shocking that someone didn't get the rewards yet (I got mine at tuesday the usual time when events start/end - 1 hour after new sales are in the gem store) is that someone actually owns 8 accounts. :D I already knew about people getting chars until they reach the cap. And about having 2 accounts (helping yourself by playing 2 at the same time) ... but 8? New to me. ;)

I'd say contact the support regarding rewards if you are sure you played (did some dailies and most importantly: turned in the marks)

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