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Does WvW seem de synced to anyone else

Ok I Did It.2854

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Today on EB, and RBL ( SFR EU server ) the server seems completely desynced with the map, on EB Speldon Clearcut, had a timer on the map of 1 minute until it could be attacked, but the lord had 2:20 until he could be attacked, so even though the map said the camp was ok to hit, we couldnt do anything to the lord, i figured this was lag based as the map was horrible skill lag of around 30 seconds +, so i moved over to RBL where it was quiet and the same issue Hamm's Lab was protected for 2 minutes but the supervisor was protected for 2:40, could this be a result of the patch last night that forced everyone out of WvW?

Others are reporting stupid crazy lag on the maps, but at this point i dont know if its a sync issue or a local issue.

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I been noticing some issues...but for some reason it's only with Blackgate players that I see these issues with. When we were fighting BG...there would be a player nearby that we would attack, but our characters would be facing the wrong direction and firing in that direction. It's like the player themselves, on the field of battle are nothing but an illusion. However these are not mesmers. These are not clones. This is a player pixelized way way way outside of where their actual location is. But I never seen that issue with JQ players, TC players, SoS players, CD players....it's always the Blackgate players where I see this visual de-sync. I would like to know why myself.

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