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I logged back in and got it finally.

OMG! That glider is so fucking ugly! /vomit

And the selection of gem store skins is small. No Scarelet gloves or shoulders (but I have them anyway), no Toxic gloves or shoulders (was hoping to choose 1 of those), and I'm sure a bunch of others. I chose the green glowing mask since I had all the others and none of the few other items I didn't have were desirable to me.

So............it really wasn't worth worrying about. (the Vanguard title is nice though)

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I got a mail from anet saying thank you for being a veteran please enjoy the enclosed items but nothing was in it. Everyone in my guild with HoT said the same. I did get the T-Shirt from the gemstore, thanks. I would really like to get the veteran package though instead of just an empty mail.

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@Stephane Lo Presti.7258 said:We're looking into this and will update you when we know more.Thanks. Hopefully you can run some kind of script so not everyone has to contact support. I've got friends who just find contacting support stressful. Not because of you guys or the systsem but because its so hard for them to interact with even people they know already.

It'd be super cool if you could add Dragon Emblem Outfit to the voucher. I spent hours trying to get the Kung Fu Tea promo to work to get mine and was unsuccessful. So many friends I've met since then with free accounts from it, and all I wanted was the single outfit.

I'd already currently purchased everything in this voucher before taking my sabbatical after HoT.

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