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[LFG][EU] - Looking for a Guild of Helpful Friends to go on an Adventure With


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I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since I've gotten it about mid-2015. I used to be part of a friendly guild who I was active in playing with, but sometime before Heart of Thorns came out, the guild went silent, all the members one by one, left, and I've only managed to keep contact with only one of my guildmates, who is the only one who still plays to this day (but even then they aren't very active).

So far now, from the time I've been playing mostly by myself, sometimes accompanied by my old guildmate (who isn't on often) or sometimes by my S/O (who isn't as crazy as me when it comes to this game). I tried joining random advertised guilds in-game, but they never worked out and no matter how much I talked, I didn't feel like I was part of the guild.

I'm looking for any guild who would be kind and friendly enough to take me in. I'm not a very 'good' player, in the sense, I don't really keep up with the 'Meta' or know the 'good places to do things'. I enjoy running around exploring, doing achievements, etc. I just want some more friends to do things with to be honest...I'd be willing to do more PvP and more WvW content if that's what the guild is centered on. Raids and Fractals also seem like a lot of fun, but I just don't know the proper way to do them. I feel most at home just doing things in PvE. I also love the story of Guild Wars 2 and enjoy doing story instances together.

I don't mind hopping on voice chat, but if that's not a thing, I don't mind either. I'm typically quiet when I first join one, but eventually I'll get extremely excitable and eccentric.Discord: azurajae#3483

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