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Outfit/Spec save and restore

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I was truly expecting some form of outfitter feature in the current update. There are so many builds and appriopriate armor sets that really require some form of automation. There were rumors that gamers would eventually receive such tool with LW5 but...? What is your position on that?Anyway, cheers for the great game!

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Anet have said they're working on build templates - which will save skills, traits and possibly armour and weapons. (As far as I know it's not clear yet how those will be saved - whether you'll have to have the equipment in your inventory to switch to it or if it will be stored in a dedicated space.) They haven't given us a release date for that yet, but it seems likely it will come out at some point during Season 5.

I haven't seen any mention of additional features for outfits or other cosmetics however.

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