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Aug 30th Announcement - Save/Load Build Templates

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@Ovark.2514 said:Really? Because when I watched the event, the dev listed 3 arenas where you would be interested in doing this: Open world, Raids, and WvW.

H panel still functions the same in spvp as it does anywhere else. I suspect the only difference we'll have in spvp is that we'll still have to equip sigils/runes/amulet. Still an enormous time saver, and very convenient for sharing build structures with friends.

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@Trevor Boyer.6524 said:

@Ovark.2514 said:Really? Because when I watched the event, the dev listed 3 arenas where you would be interested in doing this: Open world, Raids, and WvW.and very convenient for sharing build structures with friends.

yeah wow finally, only needed 7 years to implement a simple qol feature (clearly worth the 24+ hours announcement hype), sadly even the last few remaining friends are about to quit now... but at least we get open raids, because the normal raids were already not casual enough

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Yeah, I was trying to create a positive post. Get people to look on the bright side of things.

Truth is, we have some serious problems with the scene at this point. It's gone past the stage 3 cancer point. We are officially in the "Game mode is on its death bed" point. We are staring at Guild Wars 2 spvp, right now, as it is imminently about to actually die. Well, maybe not for newer players, but it will be for us older players, the hardcore player base. There are several reasons for this:

  1. The company did not prioritize any form of competitive balance. In fact, every single decision they ever made seemed to be in the way of tossing around balance on purpose, just to... keep things interesting? I mean I understand that it does keep people playing when they have new things to learn, but come on now. They should have prioritize actual game balance BEFORE finding ways to toss up the game play. And they should have only ever tossed up & changed the balance if it was going to remain balanced. When competitive game balance can be immediately sighted as terrible, even by players who don't know the game well, people leave. We aren't just talking small to even moderate rifts in power between classes/builds like other games have, or a few bugs here and there. No, we are talking big ridiculously gross errors in balance, and patches dropped with completely unwarranted changes that don't make sense, as if the only motive behind the change was to piss off the player base.
  2. Little to no development has occurred in 7 years. I'm sure we all appreciate new maps, sure. But hearing fabled promises of new forms of ATs, 2v2s, new WvW alliances, ect.. ect.. with no execution, has completely destroyed any trust in relationship here between the consumers & the producer. And when that happens, people leave.
  3. Due to people leaving, we now have a ridiculous low amount of actual players who are still here playing. You can argue with me all you want on what the number may actually be of how many players are still here, but the fact is that it isn't enough to allow Glicko to work correctly. Each season is just getting worse and worse and worse, to the point that I see good plat 2 players somehow down in gold 2, and people who normally play gold 2 up in top plat. Things are really starting to not make sense on the leaderboards, if no one else has noticed. This is making people leave because, on one hand you could win 500 to 100 and feel like your personal performance didn't matter because your team was so strong than you could have AFKed and they still would have 500 to 350. Then on the other hand, you could lose 100 to 500 and felt like your personal performance didn't matter because it was quite clear that to be able to win that game, you would have had to be 1v2ing on two different nodes at the same time, to even have a chance of securing a victory, which is impossible for any class or player to do. Point being is that when matches are so volatile that it feels like the outcome would have been the same with or without you, the game gets boring. And then players begin to leave the game.
  4. And then there is the unprecedented lack of action on Arenanet's part to address completely obvious match manipulation, bots, and cheating of all forms. I have often wondered if they were allowing it on purpose, or maybe were hoping that it would kill the game mode. No idea what happened here, but if that was there intention, it worked quite well.

Imho the spvp game mode is actually dead as of this season. It's done boys. Everything is actually completely dysfunctional at this point on every level. Glicko doesn't work, Arenanet is never going to take balance seriously, Arenanet is never going to get active vs match manipulations, and even the $%^&ing ATs are still bugged.

The thing that cracks me up, is that we didn't even ask for much. We only asked for what is considered as general game maintenance by other company's standards.

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