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Are WvW and PvP still things you consider core parts of the game's future? Yes or no?

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Since I know that investors prevent that question from actually being answered in any meaningful way, let me ask you something else. Do your metrics really tell you what, BESIDES THE GEMSTORE, will keep this game alive? Was Rubi Bayer lying when she said during the anniversary stream that Arenanet will even be in business still in 7 years? I mean it feels like this announcement today was advertised to established players, but designed for prospective players. There is so much that the established player base was expecting from an announcement that was repeatedly highlighted to be about Living World, and then nearly half of the presentation time was spent on special deals and merchandise. Of course the special deals and the merchandise looked amazing, I will definitely be buying some, but I was NOT excited to see it taking up what little time were were led to believe would be strictly about Living World and content for the game itself. I am not worried about living world or the future of good pve content, I am worried about every single other aspect of the game. Polish improvements, WvW, PvP, UI updates, literally every other thing beside PvE I no longer have a reason to believe you "fully staffed team" is looking into. If these "surprises" that will be coming aren't story spoiler related, then you should have talked about them, since it's clear that what you do for PvP and WvW is would be completely and entirely separate in nearly every conceivable way from PvE development, were it not for the Warclaw making that statement "technically" incorrect.

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