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Blood Legion Imperator: Bangar Ruinbringer

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@"Donari.5237" said:That doesn't mean he's a copy, or when known more fully will have much in common with Scar at all.

I didn't mean he was "copied", but the visuals and his bearing did remind me a lot of Scar. (By the way, I am not a fan of "The Lion King", I thought it was way too short to tell the story in a convincing tempo - but that's a different topic. ;) )

But the vibe is definitely there.

Exactly. :)

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someone seems read the @"Konig Des Todes.2086" thoughts lolz.

I thinks hes by far a most promising villain/character than Jormag. Im tired of fight supernatural "entities"(At least they give some personality/voice to Jormag).

A brutal, fearsome, bloodthirsty imperator of Charr. A true warlord, our Cerdic the King of Saxons.

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The distinctly leonin, less bestial shape and coloring of his face, his obviously scheming, slinky-evil demeanor, and his Shakespearean feud with Rytlock, are deeply reminiscent of Scar and The Lion King, yes.

Astute players may remember, this is not the first reference to this particular Disney masterpiece.

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