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My own PvE Deadeye Build


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Hiya. I've been having a lot of fun running Deadeye in PvE and WvW. In particular, Deadeye's Mark made ranged Steal a real, genuine thing that I've come to love. In fact, I love it so much I threw together a build for it which I've found to be extremely fun: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZUQNAqaUn0MB9OhFPBOGDUGjFYCjfZONzmaJgAwuxLNEHaDA-jRCBwA6U/BwjAAyZAYleAa7Pkw8nRlfp0EIRJIpAGVZE-e

The basic design is to use lots of stolen skills, using traits from Deadeye, Trickery, and Deadly Strikes to offer spammable AoE buffs and conditions for solid team assistance and solo play. Utilities were chosen for quick-to-reasonable recharge and good mobility. The end result is a pretty solid combination, giving added backward dodges, added initiative, bursts of Quickness, resetting your Steal skill (for even more stolen skills), stealth in emergencies, mild condition cleansing, and THREE stun breaks.

In particular, Stolen Skills and Deadeye's Mark shine:-Deadeye's Mark has a shortened 20 second recharge, and recharges instantly upon a mark being killed.-Deadeye's Mark grants boons, heals a small amount, gives two Initiative, does slight damage, poisons briefly, recharges one random skill category, and interrupts with a 1 second daze.-Stolen Skills granting boons are AoE around the caster, and Stolen Skill conditions are AoE around the Marked target.-Stolen Skills grant ten stacks of Might when used (around the Mark and around the player if more than 600 away).-Each Stolen Skill can be used twice.-You gain a Stolen Skill when using a Cantrip (there are two in the build).

The steady stream of Initiative from Marking and using Roll for Initiative help keep uptime on Unload more steady, and when out of Initiative or wanting to stay further back the rifle works well. Damage isn't the sole focus to this build, though it can hold its own for open world PvE and WvW. The real emphasis is on lots of short duration battlefield transforming Stolen Skills.

Typically the best way to play this one is by Marking the enemy you're most sure will drop like a stone, spamming your Stolen Skills before it can die, and moving on to the next the second your Mark resets in order to maximize uptime. Use other skills to dodge, Heal, survive, sneak, reset your Mark/skills, etc.

Thoughts? Critique? Questions? I'd like to improve this if I can.

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