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@Cobra.6509 said:

@"DonArkanio.6419" said:I like being thrilled and wait for the new features that are yet to come. Not just log in and "
Oh, cooking 500, cool
". I hope you get what I mean,While you personally may like the wait and the hype for a big content drop(so do I), I think we saw yesterday that this community on the whole is simply not mature enough to deal with the difference between their personal fantasy of the future and reality.

What did we find yesterday is that for next 6 months or so we will have 10 hours of new content, this is our future and reality. Its not personal fantasy but personal nightmare.At the end is not about new content and how much it is, but Anet was dishonest with us paying customers with words like "refocused on GW2" or "expansion like content".Anet, tell us frankly, GW2 is in maintenance mode, we will release some content whenever we feel so, we have better things to do.

It's funny because I get far more than 10 hours of content for each and every living world release. Quite a bit more actually.

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