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Treasure Hunting Kits improvement/system change (Suggestion)

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The treasure hunting kits are a good idea, BUT I feel like more could be done with them.

These are some ideas from Ultima Online, a very old MMO, but yet is still alive and kicking today (with a sub too!)Reference:https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/gameplay/treasure-maps/

First off, treasure hunting should be something that is profitable and also something to bring together guilds, friends and pugs to do something different ingame. More is better in this department, especially when it comes to replayable content.

So the idea of getting maps from events is good, encourages doing events in the area to obtain them. Although, treasure maps or treasure hunting kits, could have different tiers similar to UO. The tier that you obtain would be random, just to keep people farming the events, though higher level zones could have higher chances to get higher map tiers. Heck, they could even be raid and fractal loot for even higher tier maps.

They shouldn't be restricted to just the Crystal Desert either, but useable across all Tyria. That being said, when you go to activate a map, instead of the chest being in that zone you activated the map in, it could be anywhere around the world.

Also these treasure chests that you go find need to have guardians that need to be killed before you can loot it. In UO, a group of 4 guardians would spawn based on the level of the map, then mobs would spawn as you loot. FF14 used a similar system, where you needed to kill a wave or 2 of mobs that spawned. The mobs that spawn should be zone or region specific as well. Like for instance, if you did your map in Bloodtide Coast, pirates would spawn or if you did them in Fireheart Rise, Flame Legion would spawn, etc.

These different tiers would offer different levels of loot and difficulty of mobs thats spawn.Chest guardians that spawn (each chest would have a 10 minute event timer to kill all mob waves):Tier 1 Treasure Map - 1 wave, spawns 2-3 veteran mobsTier 2 Treasure Map - 1 wave, spawns 1 champion mob, 3-4 veteran mobsTier 3 Treasure Map - 2 waves, spawns 2-3 champion mobs, 4-5 veteran mobsTier 4 Treasure Map - 3 waves, spawns 4-5 champion mobs, 7-8 veteran/elite mobsTier 5 Treasure Map - 3 waves, spawns 1 legendary mob, 5-6 champion mobs, 9-10 veteran/elite mobs

Treasure Chest loot:Tier 1 Treasure Map - 25 silver, 0-1 rares, 1-3 greens/blues, random gemsTier 2 Treasure Map - 50 silver, 1-2 rares, 2-4 greens/blues, random gemsTier 3 Treasure Map - 75 silver, 0-1 exotics, 2-3 rares, 3-5 greens/blues random gemsTier 4 Treasure Map - 1 gold, 0-1 exotics, 3-4 rares, 4-6 greens/blues random gemsTier 5 Treasure Map - 1.25 gold, 0-2 exotics, 4-5 rares, 5-7 greens/blues random gems

The only concern I would have over the chest looting, would be randoms showing up just to loot the chest, perhaps the loot could scale with event participation as a means to prevent leeching.

Achievements could be added for doing X amount of chests within specific regions, doing X amount of chest total for "Treasure Hunter" title, etc.

Could even throw in some randomness to it and make a skritt pop up randomly and run away with the chest, forcing the group to chase him down and stop. Otherwise they lose the chest and the map.

Not sure what else to add, but I really do enjoy systems like this. The treasure hunting kits are good idea, just feel they are lacking a bit.

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