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Something New and Exciting!

Strider Pj.2193

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Hey there Guild Wars Players!

I am starting a new Guild: Thank you for the {MEME}The guilds primary area of Focus with be WvW.First step will be leveling the Guild Hall to Level 69.
Officers will be chosen on Interview with me. Please apply to this Post directly.Siege donations or crafting assistance by Scribes would be outstanding but after a week or two, we won’t have any problem setting this up.Details:

  • We will have Commanders on Each server to allow us to rotate through each WvW map and knock down walls, and Kill those Pesky Lords!
  • Those commanders will use Discord to coordinate so that we will have little interference to allow for Max WxP and Max Loot.
  • Each commander will pick a map and move their forces throughout each map fully capping it prior to moving to the Next BL.
  • With Each commander rotating as such, we will be able to maximize Loot and WxP. Keeping Participation at T-6 will be simple.
  • Daily’s will be a priority so that killing the Veteran Creature, nabbing those sentry’s, and taking shrines/Bloodlust will be on rotation.
  • Volunteers to tag up will be greatly appreciated and as we get moving, assistance with gold for the tag purchase should be simple.
  • Occasionally, we will have the commanders coordinate a battle for 1-2 minutes that will be optional for everyone, though I haven’t figured out a way to compensate the losing squad. We’ll work on the detail later.
  • Of course, random interference from random players outside the guild will happen, but with numbers, that should be no harder to deal with than a World Boss.

Please coordinate with your guilds as I would expect the popularity of this to expand, so that we may need additional guilds with variations on the {MEME} tag.

As a final note, if a /s is needed, maybe we need to take a break from the forums. 

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