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RifleButt - Cast time Bugged cast time.


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I never pay attention to the castime of riflebutt. But since you mentioned it I went and tested it.It does feel that brutal shot has a faster cast time, but to be honest I think it is all subjective since I don't have a stopwatch to calculate the time.

For me it feels that riflebutt has a cast time of 1/2 sec or even 3/4 sec.

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I've tested them against a longbow and they both feel like they're around 0.25s slower than their tooltips. Anecdotally Riflebutt doesn't seem to be as quick as Fan of Fire despite the same cast time on the tooltip and Brutal Shot feels like it's closer to Arcing and Pin Down in terms of cast despite apparently being 0.25s quicker.

Edit: Alternatively maybe longbow skills are just faster than their tooltip suggests hmm...

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