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Master Brewer's Keg

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Mod's, If this is the wrong part of the forum, please feel free to move it. I only recently finished this achievement and got the Master Brewer's Keg.

Here is what Wiki states:

"Double-clicking this schematic puts a Master Brewer's Keg directly into the guild's decoration storage. Contrary to the description, it does not use the assembly device.

A schematic is added to a players inventory in addition to one that is automatically consumed. This duplication allows the player to gain two Master Brewer's Keg"

I went ahead and bought the one from the decoration trader and consumed it, my character went "poof" but still nothing happened. I thought this was supposed to build some sort of keg somewhere or something?

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Decorations go into your guild storage (accessible via the g-is-for-guild window, in the storage pane, using the decoration tab... and then trying to remember which subtab applies... although I just use 'search').

You select items from the decoration storage, which gives you a "bundle" that has some special skills that allow you to place, remove, rotate, etc.

Put another way:

  • Some items are queued for storage; some are directly deposited.
  • Placing a decoration requires a separate set of steps, beginning with removing the deco from storage.

(It's more complicated to explain and do the first time; experienced GH decorators can manage it easily.)

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