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PVP Queue Button: Ranked and Unranked Not Working


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My que buttons stopped working again.It was weird cuz i played 3 other games tonight np, but when the map select screen came up for my last game, i couldnt select the map , like the buttons were broken like the que buttons brake. And now the que buttons are broken like the map select was.

Edit: almost 3 hours later and its still broken...the frequency and length of time that this problem happens is unacceptable for a game thats seven years old.

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Having the same issue.

Played two games on my Mirage, then swapped to my Daredevil and could not queue. Both the Ranked and Unranked arena queue buttons do not seem to function anymore. ):

Additional Details

  • Started to occur at 11:00pm EST on 2019-06-04
  • Occured after playing two games on one character, then swapping to another
  • Queue buttons do not work in Heart of the Mists, or Tyria
  • Same bug occurs on all 10 of my characters

Additional steps I've taken to troubleshoot:

  • Prompting the Missing Build dialog on attempting to queue
  • Restarting the game client
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@Cal Cohen.3527 said:We've made a change that should hopefully resolve the issues people are having. If anyone is still having trouble queuing let us know and we will continue to investigate.

This is happening again today btw. It occurred about an hour before I made this post. Several people in the /m chat were unable to que unranked or ranked, including myself.

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