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Can Someone in Anet PLEASE work on the bugs that kick people from server when doing story missions

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Season 2 No refudge, is just one of many issues I have had at the end of a mission and it just kicks from server for no actual reason beside from new content is far more important and yet everything of late is being sent out bugged in some sort of way, this would not be such a big deal if it was not blocking progress for achievements. Ive been told by others the final fight of POF is still bugging out and kicking people from server and that's a longer fight and far bigger importance but having one or two people work on fixing server kicks for almost every story/ dungeon would be a good use of time because, theres a few things about this game I wouldn't mind playing if the game would stop kicking me off the server, but as it blocks progress as of right now whats the point in trying story missions or dungeons. As of right now i have no idea about living world season 3 story but that's for this Thursday as I try to progress that legendary trinket and I really hope it doesn't kick me from server during it, this game being as old as it is should not be having this many server kicks after boss fights in story missions. I get anet had to layoff 30+ people but server kicks for a game 7 years old that halts progress to legendary items is not really fair, and I get old content is old and may have bad coding but still even if you have to redo parts of the code to fix the server kicks at crucial key spots so spend the time and do it, I wouldn't be typing this if it was beginning of missions, its flat out after the boss dies and you can see the next part start and then it kicks you from game because you don't know its kicked you till a min or 2 after the fact

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Have you contacted support about this??The issue is not something that can be easily handled by support. There are two main reasons for this to happen.a: running a system below the required specsb: a bad internet connection.

The issue happens when your game doesnt sent a response to the server in time and is considered being offline. This happens due to network lag or technical lag. The first has to do with your ISP, the later with your system. Both are something not directly in the control of the team, but they can help an assist in pinpointing you to the right direction and possibly solve it for you.

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