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[WvW] support condi bomber


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This build has been my baby for the past two weeks and it has saved many a team while bagging like a pre-nerf staff guardian. and honestly it needs to be nerfed a little bit. its sustain is unrealistic against any class other than ranger or thief you can bunker and cleanse condis so easily you can walk without swiftness from a camp to the nearest tower without fighting back while under attack by a roamer. The damage output isnt exactly as good as a trailblazer of course but someone has to be a team player and if your not a team player in WvW why are you even running scourge? The amount of damage you can shave off when the enemy zerg pushes you is insane. plus your actual healing output is REALLY good about 800/s on up to 10 targets and if you have someone buffing you with Alacrity (fairly common with renegades out) you can keep that up permanently.

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