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NA/ JQ/ PVX/ hours commonly at 2000-2300 PST/ Creating a Warband

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Hello Tyrians,

I have been playing GW2 for approx 3k hours or so over the years. Some of the best times have been completing events, festivals, dungeons/fractals, and achievements with a small group of people. I am interested in creating a Charr Warband, and looking for 1-4 people in co-founding the project. With the Icebrood Saga coming up, I figured now is as good a time as any!!

My current idea is as follows; however as mentioned above I am looking for co-founders and people who want to take part in creating the fun so nothing is set in stone.SKY: Welcome to Sky Warband, Fearlessness, Industry, and Discipline are the 3 Charr virtues and foundation of this organization. You are no Gladium and as such you will not be alone in your adventure, craft, or battles. Sky's the limit here.Note: In creating a Warband we must all have names involving the warband name ie) _Sky_banner (my warrior)

All that said , that is just world/ character building, in game I enjoy many facets of the game including all game modes, PVE, PVP, WVW. I have created PVP legendary armor and backpack, various weapons. I have the AR for t4 fractals (99 is my fav). My fav event ea year is Halloween, the clocktower JP is good times, after many times of trying. I could talk on and on, I love this game and want more!

Hope there are some fellow gamers out there who want more also!!

If anyone is interested please reach out, lxrelentlessxl.4156

If not, Gladium Guild it is. lol

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