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Whats Preventing You From Quitting The Game

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The yummy tears and rage PM messages that I get in WvW when I defeat with ease WvW wannabees.I know it sounds crazy, but that gives me joy and excitement and it keeps me in the game!Maybe its because I enjoy the pain and suffering of others, so when they message me with rage I rejoice and laugh even more after finding out that not only did I kick they behinds in a 4 vs 1 fight, but they also got hurt so bad that they feel they need to PM me with rage!

So, yeah, I guess the thing that is keeping me in the game is the yummy yummy tears i get in WvW.

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@Hitman.5829 said:The yummy tears and rage PM messages that I get in WvW when I defeat with ease WvW wannabees.I know it sounds crazy, but that gives me joy and excitement and it keeps me in the game!Maybe its because I enjoy the pain and suffering of others, so when they message me with rage I rejoice and laugh even more after finding out that not only did I kick they behinds in a 4 vs 1 fight, but they also got hurt so bad that they feel they need to PM me with rage!

So, yeah, I guess the thing that is keeping me in the game is the yummy yummy tears i get in WvW.

This is one of the reasons why I don't WvW. I know that I am nowhere near good enough to compete with players such as this.

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Mostly because it is designed for my play time availability and play style. No enormous time investments are required to get something accomplished when I log in, whether it is for a half hour or all day something still gets done. I play only solo and this game is perfect for just this purpose as I do not have to play Meta builds or play the way someone else wants me to play.Some random tried to call me out this weekend for having low DPS while we were fighting the Golem Mark II in Maelstrom. Did not even care because open world and for that event there really is no reason for me to try to maximize my DPS with the number of people fighting. Note, I do more than just spam 1 at the world bosses, just not trying to get a perfect rotation for each boss.

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gw2 has beautiful colors-good taste style atmosphere-graphics looks good (for example cant understand how people can play wow coz its ugly in all ways). i can change skins of weapons-armor parts-color them. 5 interesting race and 9 classes. a lot things i can do in this game when i want. it connects me with the world. its fun-relaxing.

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Well, nothing really keeps me from quitting the game.Hmm except that for me I find the game:

  1. Is Relaxing
  2. A place to be with friends, without the real life judgements
  3. Got hooked by GW, but never really fit into a guild community there, but GW2 the guild community is strong and alive.
  4. I am an introvert and using the game and the various voice applications has helped me with my friends online
  5. I enjoy the game play and subject matter
  6. My job is extremely stressful, I am able to work out my stress and anxieties through the game (sometimes my friends allow me to rant in voice, they are a very patient ear.)
  7. Because I don't want to quit....
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For me, it's that I still have confidence in Anet. has there been major changes that can be cause for worry? of course there has, but most companies go through this. Other people may be doom and gloom but i'm still happy with the game as is. Literally I have maybe one worry - and a small one at that - but otherwise I have no real cause for concern or alarm. Why should I?

Do I still play? Yes, though I play on a rotation of games to avoid burning out on them permanently and becoming saltier than the dead sea (which seems to be contagious right now). This means I still have a ton left to do in GW2 despite being around since prophecies. This is hardly the first major hiccup Anet has had, nor the longest period between content release dates (Take the wait for gw2 to finally come out, for example.) so this is hardly my first rodeo.

I do sympathize with those players to whom this is, in fact, their first rodeo of company problems as well as people whose favorite game modes are just neglected (which, they are) but I also rationalize that the very fact that the company has rerouted all of their dev power to GW2 itself hopefully means we can see some major changes coming soon. Is it right now? hell naw, they just got through a company restructuring process and that takes weeks, if not months, to settle during which is near complete chaos. Is it a cause for alarm? no, not in my opinion. It just means that any plans they have will take a while to get rolling again during which time marketing and sales would be under pressure to keep the company afloat between project releases. yes, the whole big announcement i felt was a bit premature - they may have actually had something before someone higher up said 'hol up we ain't ready for that yet fam' and they had to find something to talk about.

Am I being overly optimistic? Probably, but I like being an optimist far more than being a pessimist. Plenty of people are doing my part for me on that front, so I can just slack off, smile, and relax without a care in the world no matter what happens. They've got some smart cookies among them to figure out what to do.

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@kharmin.7683 said:I am a very casual player with limited time due to family and work obligations. GW2 is not subscription based, so I am not losing money during the times when I am unable to login and play.

This for me. But with ArcheAge B2P rapidly approaching, I think my time will be focused there. But hey, at least GW2 doesn't go away, it just sits there with my max-level, max-geared chars happily waiting for me to come back and pick it up whenever I want. Nice and casual ;)

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I tried ESO for a while but I like both combat and graphical style of GW2 better. I just played SWToR again for a week and though I kinda dig the combat, I find the game very ugly and repetitious. I think what gets me all the time in these other mmo's, is the quest system. I vastly prefer GW2 Dynamic Events style of doing stuff then having an endless Questlog that just keeps filling up. I mean, you can have stuff in a tracker in GW2 too but XP itself just comes so naturally in GW2.

Off course my big problem is that there is no XP left for me to earn, having finished all Masteries in the pitiful 2! expansions that this game has after 7 years. At some point I kinda get tired of doing side stuff, like working on a new Legendary or maybe grind my teeth on some achievement that I picked. This is why I love expansions. SWToR has 6 now with a 7th on the way in Oct. Eso has had 3 already since 2014 when it launched. This was one of the reasons I was eying those MMO's: they get expansions on a regular basis.

Anyway, this is why I have been playing single player RPG's for the last month, the Divinity Original Sin series. I'll be back to GW2 next week for the LW release. For about 2 days, I reckon. And at some point I will come back for a longer period, to grind out some more side-stuff: I still enjoy GW2's world and graphical style more then any other mmo out there. I will never be really quitting.

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Honestly? I love that there's always something to do. Let's do the obvious and compare to the other MMO's.

WoW: Plenty to do, but it all felt mandatory. You have to farm this rep if you want to progress to this section of the story to unlock this portion of the raid. Wanna be an allied race? Farm that other rep over there. Wanna have a powerful artifact weapon / necklace / best in slot whatever? Grind out all these world quests and dungeons to get the resources for it. Again--plenty to do, but forced down your throat.

FFXIV: Love the game, even played all the way through the latest xpac. Fights are awesome, love I can be all classes on one character. But there's too much of a lull of not doing anything. It's a lot of "instant" gratification, compared to WoW. Aside from the very best gear from savage raiding (which is a once-a-week shot to get per tier), you can get a whole set of good gear in, what, maybe a week or two? And that's doing your daily dungeon once a day. So, aside from raid days, and my 1 dungeon a day, I just kinda...stood around, doing nothing.

GW2 is, imo, the perfect balance between the two. You got your exotic set? Boom, you're basically done. Yeah you can get Ascended (and I have that), but it's not that necessary unless you're going to do higher fractals / challenge mode raiding. You're now done worrying about "gearing up" for end game, and you can just go do what you wanted to do all along: play the damn game. Go kill things, grab loot to sell for gold to buy other things you want, start working towards those ascended / legendary pieces without feeling like it's necessary to do so. Basically, I can do what I want--and I love that.

Plus, Auric Basin is, and always will be, one of my favorite events.

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Simple: I still enjoy it. Seven years on, I'm still having fun.

  • The world is beautiful and even now I still occasionally find a new viewpoint on it (especially lately, since I can get to places with mounts I never could before)
  • There is always something to do, even if it's what you might call pointless e.g. I don't need my chef character to know every. single. recipe. in. the. game but I'll get her there because why not ;)
  • I enjoy going back and replaying old content - sometimes for achieves with existing characters, sometimes with new characters playing new-to-that-content (for me) professions
  • The community is fun. Occasional idiots but, in the main, fun.
  • It's relaxing if I want it to be, challenging if I want it to be.
  • Fashion Wars!
  • My characters - well, the older ones - have developed real personalities in my head, and I'd miss them if I never played with them again.
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Your assumption is that people play continuously. I play for a few weeks, then don't play for a few weeks/months, or only play once or twice a week.
So you can't say anything is preventing me from quitting the game because "playing GW2" is not a continuous status quo for me. I play when I feel like it. I play a lot more when there's new story chapters or an interesting new collection.

Why do I still enjoy to play occasionally?

  • I very much enjoy the graphics. They're dated, but they fit perfectly between "silly sparkly fantasy world" and half-way realistic.
  • It costs me absolutely nothing right now. I never feel pressured to play to get back my moneys worth, which has been my main turn-off in other MMOs. This also leads to the fact that I expect absolutely nothing from the game. In contrast, when I pay for a game, I will get annoyed if it doesn't deliver what I'd like to get.
  • I enjoy the battle system. It is relatively simple and still more action-oriented than in many other MMOs.
  • 95% of the things you can do in GW2 are easy and relaxing, which is what I want in my free time.
  • I actually very much enjoy the original personal story because of how all possible paths are interwoven, so I sometimes re-play it with new characters.

It's my favourite fantasy world simulator, as someone on reddit said once.

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