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Ranger build question - Staff/GS


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Hi all,

Anyone could give some advise? I am looking for a build that includes the staff but can still damage as well. I tried making one but not sure if it's actually going to work.


If you would have any input feel free to do so, currently I enjoy fractals and open world but kinda want to do something else then just pewpew.

Thank you in advance.

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The only Staff/GS build I can see working on is with BM/MS/Druid, abusing Daze and Moment of Clarity. It would only work in PvP and WvW Roaming. Maybe something like that : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POgAYFlZwWYMMNGKO+W7ttSmWYA-e. I played this kind of build in PvP just for the lulz, but the CA cooldown is way too long.

Remorseless vs Predator's Onslaught and Honed Axes vs Zephyr Speed is up to you. Zephyr Speed has better synergy with Clarion Bond. Also, a reminder, they nerfed Druid pets (lol), so they are weaker in every aspects.

Please don't bring that build in fractals. It should do fine in open PvE, but you'll lack sustain.

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