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API disabled ?


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I'm no big programmer or whatever, and only an efficiency user, and in that case, the site doesn't work. When I try to use the craft calculator, it says "Invalid API key". So, as I'm a good boy, I went back to the application, and made a new one (just in case, you know), and efficiency won't register it because "API key is invalid, or API is disabled".

Considering that I just used the official site to make a new key, I'm guessing it can't be invalid, which means the API is disabled.

Thought you'd want to know it...

EDIT : it works again, then it's off again. I'm not sure where the issue is after all.

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@Patches.7584 said:Did I miss a post about colors being removed or something? https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/colors/10

Yeah. It currently causes one of the backend servers to crash due to a method returning NULL instead of an empty string for an enumeration value missing in a table. Whoops.

The API key wonkiness was due to requests timing out yesterday due to some internal network congestion.

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