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The atrocity that is PvP in this game


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First of all I'd like to start with the fact that I like playing pvp even though I'm not uber skilled. I love the combat mechanics in this game and it's nice to use them in a pvp scene. Apart from the rank of unbalance this game has compared to others there are stuff that bug me out even more.Over 2 days I played 15-20 games and of those games I've seen a total of 3 dc's and 6 people afking during the game. I don't even know where I want to go with this post but going from plat to nearly silver in 2 days is just beyond my comprehending.

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Tbh most of us are tired already... sometimes when i see the match is going the wrong way i don't even have any energy left in me to carry on. Sad that it came to that kind of state... i've been pvping since the beginning.. and i never had that feeling of "oh whatever i'll just afk cant be bothered anymore..." I always carried on and enjoyed every bit of it. That feeling came right around when PoF was launched. Or even late late HoT days. Basically when balance got out of hands. So i did a logical step.. i stopped PvPing in general. Maybe new blood has some energy left for gw2s pvp.. veterans are too tired and retired and cynical and hopeless.... xD

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