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Suggested Raid Comp for Qadim the Peerless?


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Hey all our guild is working on the final boss of the new wing and I am looking for some tips particularly on the role of the tetherers. I heard Deadeye, Scourge and Revenant were recommended for this job. Which is best for novice raiders? Also are there any other classes suggested?

Finally any recs on the rest of the team comp?


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for the rest of team composition, you want someone who can solo anomaly if possible a bs will be nice. Plant the fire aoe on the path of which anomaly will travel so when anomaly spawn, cc him when he is on the fire aoe so he die faster. Safest to have 1 heal druid and 1 heal scourge (rune of merci for fast res) , 2 chronos(one is tank), fill the rest with strong dps.Your pylon takers can not miss any orb or otherwise each orb miss team members get penalised with conditions.One tip, after he ate the pylon phase does the massive wave and return to mid, he will do another aoe expand from him out to fill yhe inner circle, ppl jist need to stand outside this circle and get no impact from his attack at all. I have seen a lot of ppl rush in straight after qadim return to mid as a result get knock back into fire field ?

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@Lucky.9421 said:Thanks! Which of the three classes do you think is easiest for the pylon job? This will be our first time beating this one.

Two classes, it's scourge or deadeye currently. Renegade is just regular dps in pretty much all setups.

As two the other 2, it's simple really:

  • Pylon Scourge is the easier, safer and better selfsustaining class
  • Deadeye is the higher dps class

It depends more on what people in your squad are comfortable with. The only thing to note: you need boon removal. If you are not running at least 1 condi renegade, other classes will ahve to take up that role. In Pylon scourge comps, the scourges do this. A good medium ground is to have 2 Deadeyes and 1 scourge. 1 Scourge for epidemic bouncing conditions onto adds in the last phase when done properly can speed things up.

@Lucky.9421 said:Also is the build here recommended for simplicity or is it more min-max?https://snowcrows.com/benchmarks/#pills-qadim-the-peerless

I feel like Scourge is going to be easier just for the high health pool.

Snowcrows are usually min-maxed. Though in this case there is not much to min-max since:

  • 3 dps slots are on pylon duty (you get to chose between 2 dps)
  • you want 1 tank (which the chrono does)
  • you need banners and cc on the add (which the Berserker does)
  • and you want boons and healing (covered by the druid and alacrigrade)

That's already 7 slots sort of dictated. You are now left with either a 2nd chrono or firebrand for the remaining quickness and 2 dps slots.

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@Lucky.9421 said:Thanks! Which of the three classes do you think is easiest for the pylon job? This will be our first time beating this one.

DD is amazing with good range dps but you can get away with scrouge. Totally depends on how confident your players with the profession scourge or DD, they can pick the one they play best. Very very important that they do not miss any orbs. If they do, help them to understand why they miss it .. is it sonething the team member can do to help.. etc ?

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When I do this with people new to the fight. We normally run 2 healers. 1 Druid on the stack for buffs/heal. And second healer can be a second druid, a tempest, scourge or a FB. We then have the second healer pick up the orbs for the pillar people. So they dont need to think about orbs for their first kill. For the first orb, the pillar people just need to move abit out or the green circle and after that thy can just afk dps on pillar.

This have the extra benefit that the extra healer also can help heal the pillars abit if needed and for the last 20% where things get abit more hectic the extra heals can often help alot.

What to run for second healer? well they all 4 have benefits

Druid: staff 3 is a nice movement skill making getting orbs easy and more spirits/"search and rescue"Tempest: Lightning flash for easy orbs and rebound, do I need to say moreScourge: Sand swell for easy orbs and Transfusion + good boon rip.FB: Extra quickness (so you chrono can take elite well for cc), 10 man stability for the stupid people that dont dodge knockbackand merciful intervention for either easy orbs or for that ohh f ress.

Main thing to pay attention to imo:

1) Firefields (at 80% and 60% boss HP) they need to places correctly to the left/right of the pillars. If 1 get placed wrong it can easy become a wipe.2) Add's need to cc them (preff in a firefield as it close to insta kill them), a power warrior normally do this, but anyone with cc can do it (or help with it) and its the main reason I'd reccoment any scourge to take elite golem

GL on the fight

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