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Can we expect a new set of legendary weapons and/or trinkets with Icebrood Saga?

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If a third generation of legendaries is going to launch they probably are going to change how it is obtainable again, just like they changed from first to second generation (does not mean it will need less wood/metal tho). Legendaries are one of the end goals of the game, and one that really holds players online, so it is very likely to launch new legendaries. After all we still need a legendary amulet and another legendary ring to complete the legendary set.

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@"ZeftheWicked.3076" said:I won't lie to you. Most likely there will be no gen 3 leges, and new trinkets will be pink "purple"...

There probably is at least one pink/purple legendary but i can't even recall others than aurora+vision (that right now turns blue if you also get Coalescense and hopefully will stay away from purple).I'm not a fan of legendary weapons at all , completing the legendary trinkets set is all i want for LS5 but i see no reason for them not to create more legendaries (even if it is not a full generation).

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