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Party on Kralkatorrik's old Sleeping Grounds? I'm In!

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so, LWS5 Prologue takes us to Grothmar Valley to party with the Charr Legions.

GW1, Eye of the North... Grothmar Wardowns is the zone immediately next to where Kralkatorrik was sleeping. isn't it so Tyrian to party on the corpse of an enemy who gave us so much grief? granted, the logistics of taking that party to the Unending Ocean sux terribly, so it makes perfect sense, that, since the Legions feel it's safe to head back "home", and Kralkatorric made his bed there for centuries, nay, millenia... partying on his bed is the next best thing to partying on his corpse!

Not to mention it sends a clear message to Jormag.... "hey! You're next you bloody ice snake!"

/queue fierce Charr rock'n'roll

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