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Rating for wins and losses

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Admittedly, I have not kept track specifically, but my observation over the years of seasons has been that you generally lose more ranking for a loss than you gain for a win, resulting in a net loss in position over time if you manage a 50/50 win/loss record. For example, this season I'm sitting at a roughly 50% win rate and am about 100 points lower than I began at placement.

I don't really care about my rating specifically, I'm not trying to make it to Legendary or anything. I'm just curious if that matches others' experience, if that's how the system is designed, and if so, why? It seems to be a kind of disincentive to always feel like it's one step forward, two steps back trying to build rating, but obviously you don't want to get placed into matches you're not a good fit for. Others' thoughts?

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Rating depends on the match rating, or opponents/team ratings. Higher rated players are more likely to get matches of a lower rating; hence a lower gain value, higher loss value, as they are favored to win.

In my own experience, I gain/lose about the same in rating with a 50/50 ratio once I get to gold2-3.

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