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[BUG] Dodge/Swipe interaction changed

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There's actually 2 things I want to discuss here, and since they're similar issues I'm going to try to keep it to one thread for consolidation.

First, there was a slight change to the way Swipe works. Previously, when I'd dodge and then Swipe while in a dodge, all motion from the dodge was cancelled and I'd be placed on my target while the dodge animation completes. Now, when I swipe mid-dodge, the movement continues after Swipe moves me to my target.

There's a few implied problems with this. Suppose I'm trying to land the effects of Bounding Dodger and lock the landing place of the impact on my target. Previously, Bounding Dodger would land squarely on the target; thanks to Swipe cancelling the motion of the dodge. Now, if the hitbox is small enough, Bounding Dodger misses because I continue to move past my target! Not only have I missed, I now have to re-position my character and make up for the lost DPS as a result of the displacement.

Now consider this: the direction of a dodge roll is checked at the moment you perform the dodge roll. If you were using double tap, the direction tapped would have you go in that direction. If you were using a keybind, your current direction of movement was checked at the time of pressing the keybind. If you weren't holding a direction, the default movement is backwards.

This would seem intuitive, until this changed Swipe comes into play. Upon shadowstepping to the target, your current direction is checked again and changes your dodge roll's direction accordingly! In most cases, being caught unaware of this interaction, you will be pulled backwards, away from your target, by the motion of the dodge roll defaulting to backwards!

Even knowing of the bug and trying to work around it by holding another direction still results in trouble, because the motion of the dodge roll continues to move you beyond your target until the animation completes.

I don't like to use the term "game-breaking" to describe my frustrations. But, in this particular case, a fundamental skill that players have learned to employ as Daredevils has torn at the seams, because a common initiation/mobility tactic has been effectively shot in the foot.

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