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World Polishment; My dissapointment

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Since Guild Wars 1 has existed I've expected graphical enhancements such as livier NPC's that maybe act dorky and I know you have trying so much but in a limited way.This game could reach an ultimate peak in graphics if GW2 gets a REAL world polishment in a remastered version (Higher textures/more organized 'Bump maps, (displacement maps?)Less clustering and more focusing on detail, You promised us in GW1 you would give us prestige.

When you focus so much on build changes, or events to plan... Is there a way we could maybe upgrade the game to make it more acctractive, in my eyes, there's nothing wrong with a little speculation before a pvp match... But sometimes carrying a 506-246 killstreak of 20-0 feels like they can't catch up anymore, and I think I speak for all of us to ask you to invent a rule so we don't struggle mechanicly trying our best losing a match.. I admit you have developed an awesome vanilla for us and there are lots more masteries to explore in free to play.Please allow content to evolve along the mechanics visually.

In all my honesty, I've worked for a low polygon game called GunZ and made skillmaps for a way their style was mechanicly like kung fu.If Cantha ever returns, I hope the jade sea is part of the Endless Ocean, so Shing Jey Monestary is gifted with a little thing of love from gods and goddesess.Evil shouldn't be punished. It's justified. Grenth only allowed us to sin in the underworld gaining ectoplasms or flippin dolfins in TP.

In my defence in due respect for Arenanet, I know you have been fighting for a way for honest and a fair way to socially play amongst our other Tyrian hero's.The Gemstore is already amazing. But please keep beating those generic games.

I tell you this because I have the faith you show us Guild Wars 2 will allways be unique.I wouldn't mind paying a few extra dimes to pay for a remastered version (heck, maybe with +RTX support? ...(minecraft can do it))You always tease us with your brilliant adventures that touch my heart and every player of guild wars 2 buy showing more cinematics in storyline than the way dialogs evolved into third person and sometimes cinematicly beatiful, If it costs too much lag, Coud you invest more time in offline gameplay with livelier mushrooms and angrier bosses that really seem angry for being loot in a while. Wouldn't you mind investing more time in what kind of patterns of walking, hopping kids that sneeze and farting brooms. It may attract more excited members of this community and returning veterans that have a little time to kill. It's not nescesarly an addictive game, but it's careful enough to fight challenges. so there is nothing wrong with sharing more "Achievement-Points" while defeating hearts in Queensdale, I hope there is time for any advancement in helping a unique game from clunky mistakes we should exagurate our creativity to create a game...

Is it true that originally GW1 was founded by the WoW community? You taught us addiction is not the way you should care about a game but some players don't sit and behind an office trying to look at NSFW in discord or w/e.... In Guild Wars 1 it took alot of dedication to proof your worthy to your game, and GW2 has been such a wonderful fast improvement.I personally like making songs, but my problem is, I can't finish the final project and GW2 keeps giving us client updates. I imagine Guild Wars 2 much crowdier in Rata sum, especially alot of bookah's. I think it's amazing what you achieved so far but why not polish the way the world appeals to the player instead of waiting for new chain of event's to start.

Also, personally I beg for a possibilty that with the way the maps work there will be a chance it wouldn't be a strange thing to call another player a friend like in your guilds.I don't expect you to give us a planned organized (with trebuchets and dificult mazes) GvG battle soon.

But please make underwatercontent epic.... or let's just be friends with all fish because grenth was too tired Dwayna was waiting for Grenth to do so.I think the quaggans would appreciate it, and alot more people can understand our clipping clustering fantasy world we sometimes kill a little time for.

I have the faith you will keep progressing in the unique way like Dragonfalls is a perfect meta similar to HoT? I guess with more detail in visual appealment like a real campfire surround by sylvarians who plays bongo's and an asuran an with a holographic (achievable?) piano guitar. There is alot intimacy in playing bass and harp improvising different vibes. I understand it's nescary all sounds need to sound somewhat alike to create a good atmosphere and a natural way to inspire people to play maps with not a battle who gains achievement points, but a way we just get them by playing a game. That way this game wouldn't be addictive but tiedly enhanced by the smartest developer team ever.

I'm still Faithful,Van Marle

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