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Can we get information on when Glyph of Reaping will be fixed?


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@"Ashantara.8731" said:In the note that announced the deactivation of said glyph, it was mentioned that they will release the fix with September 17th's patch:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/1034295#Comment_1034295

This is ridiculous. Waiting over half a month for gemstore purchases I made for my family. The old Anet would realize this is a priority to fix for paying customers; not leaving it and not giving a fuck.

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someone isnt reading the Anet's announcements, it's even on the scrolling list of Anet Posts on the forum main page

responded on 7th Sept, target fix date is 17th Sept with the new release

things get broken with changes, it's a natural cycle of Programming, especially something that was released yonks ago, and it is impossible to test everythingand it's upto the managers to decide when a fix should go out, there is a lot of overheads to package a fix for release, unlike bugs that prevents players from doing LW, PvP, etc, such bug is lower in priority; just because a player paid for QoL it does not mean it becomes a critical in priority

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