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Returning player, been playing on-off in a casual manner since '16. Mostly been doing stuff solo, figured it'd be a nice change of pace to try and find some buddies to play with. I'm EU, Finland, UTC+2(+3 while DST is still on, until the end of October.) For now just looking for chill gaming, open world stuff and maybe some not-so serious dungeoneering/fractals. Haven't really done dungeons/fractals/that jazz too much, being a solo dude. Find it awkward to join random groups in game where ppl seem to know what's up and I don't :/

I have a few level 80 characters, though equipment is what it is. Open world stuff, not really optimized for much. I'm willing to eventually switch servers if needed, iirc there's a nominal fee for it? Discord's my jam, Ako#3606 in there. In game name's Akolouthos.2764.

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