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Teleporting skills and action camera


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Hi all. Been looking for a similar discussion here but haven't been able to find one.I've been puzzled for a looooong time as to why I can't teleport to targets on my revenant when I'm out of attacking range, while other people ( youtube videos mainly) actually manage to execute their skills. Finally I figured out that it's due to the action camera....

It turns out that action camera crosshairs will only register a target when I'm in attacking distance. Thus phase traversal can only be used at 1200 distance. Being outside of the 1200 distance has the skill failing with the message " You must have an enemy targeted to use that skill."However, if free camera is used, I can stand as far as the game possibly let's you keep a target and the skill will be executed. Of course the distance traversed is still 1200 at maximum but it helps closing gaps.

Now I don't know if the way action camera in this situation works, or rather malfunctions, is a bug. Or if the way that free camera works is the actual bug.Any thoughts or tips on how this could perhaps be fixed? Maybe it's something in my settings but I've been tweaking for a while now to no avail.

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