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Do you intend to craft the Legendary Runes & Sigils?

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I may get around to them eventually, if I finish the rest of my legendary queue and ArenaNet doesn't add anything that I consider higher priority. I have two more legendary weapons I'm working on, so they are currently third in my list. If we get legendary amulets, non-raid legendary rings, or a legendary aqua breather, I'll put those ahead of runes and sigils.

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I'll probably make sigils as a completionist thing. Put them in my legendary weapons. It'll probably be once I've made all of my legendary weapons, accessories, and possibly armors, though.

Runes are like... Way out. Probably the last thing to make.

It really might be that the rune and sigil markets get bled so much that they become a good investment, but we'll see.

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Not at the current price, but also because I wouldn't need them.

I'm at 5 full sets of legendary armor with nearly a 6th ready to build (if I converted my LD into LI). Of what use would the runes/sigils be to me?

Once I have 9 full legendary sets of armor I can work on the remaining legendary weapons I want. Once that is done, we might be able to finish the legendary trinkets (amulett and ring missing).

Given all this and in case nothing more useful gets added, then maybe sometime 2023 I might consider legendary runes/sigils. But even that is a big maybe.

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You're more likely to be able to utilize legendary sigils than legendary runes, because legendary weapons don't exist for purely PvP/WvW players outside of trading post and some weapons generally are only used for power/condi such as greatsword , rifle, or torch. That said you'd need to weigh the cost of carrying an extra sigil or ascended weapon vs a legendary sigil and the value proposition isn't even remotely there.

Legendary runes don't really make sense because you can remove runes from your legendary armor and you need to make 5 or 6 of them to be really effective.

The cost of the runes really ought to be reevaluated. The cost could be cut by at least 5x maybe (~700g for full set) instead of something absurd such as 450g each. It's a convenience item so it can't be super cheap but at the same time the uptake on 450g per rune is likely really low.

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I already have meta asc sets for the mode I play most which is WvW. Seldom does the meta change, fb minstrel, necs power or cele etc... this late into the game surely I'm not the only one that carries around 2 sets per char like one for supp one for dmg? I won't be crafting leggy stuff ever because perm upgrade extractor exists + relatively cheap to stat swap in MF.

Unless the devs make it asc 2.0 then go power creep into leggy rarity I guess I would try keep up with the pack... not worth the cost as it stands. Build temps coming they said?

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I have a couple of problems with legendary gear at the moment. Still working on my first set of Legendary armor, but I have even put that project on hold.

I love creating and testing new builds. Sadly in PvE, this is horribly expensive. Legendary gear could be the answer to this, but I would need a legendary set (weapons + armor) for each armor-type, as well as runes & sigils. It took me ~ 2-3 years to craft my first legendary weapon. The game is out for 7 years now. No chance to get it done. So even starting is futile. My armor? I am done with the first pice, I own a Legendary Helmet! But I currently lack the time to play WvW. Anything more than the pve-dailies is impossible.

The character I create(ed) the legendary gear for, was balanced. When I started with the crafting I had 3 active ascended sets which I switched constantly. I was about to craft the 4th set, looked into my already full inventory and decided to go for legendary stuff instead. I am currently moving the sets to other chars, I have one build on that char that performs OK. DPS is horrible, sustain a joke, support ... ? Welp. The community is happy to have its punching-bag back. That is all that matters. But I do no longer have any reason to get legendary gear ^^. Of 4 builds that worked well, I have one left that is not complete garbage. There is no need to switch the build drastically anytime soon.

We do not have build templates yet. The use of macros to gear yourself up is prohibited use of 3rd party software. So when I want to switch a build on a character, I have to click every piece of gear one by one. Trinkets are a pain, thanks to the funny earring/ring-situation. If I have to switch gear quickly, I often forget one piece. Most of the times, the time-window is way too narrow to even select a different armor. Sometimes I just want to change a few traits and end up with a broken trait-line.

We do not have a favorite-system, except for dyes. I cannot pick stats I frequently use to be shown upon stat-selection in the top 3. I cannot pick favorite crafts of every profession, which I craft daily FOR YEARS. Nope, I always get the full list like I am opening the panel for the first time in my life. You made the same thing with the Legendary stat selection, alphabetical order. It is not fun to go through the entire list. That is not convenient.

[EDIT] We do have a search-function. Changed it.

tl&dr; For the amount of time and resources the legendary gear (weapons/armor/runes/sigils) requires, the increase in convenience is a bit low. Too low to bother with it at the moment. My playtime is limited, so I rather focus on other things.

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Never having crafted any legendary gear before, a sigil seemed like a good way to dip my toe into the water to see what it's like. So I'm working on my first sigil right now. I had everything I needed for the gifts of condensed might and magic so those were easy. The provisioner tokens were new to me and given the time gating involved it took a few days of running around from vendor to vendor to get the 50 tokens needed. Again though, I had what I needed to trade on hand. The choke point for me has been the mystic motes. The drop rate for the needed symbols seems ridiculously low, maybe one every few days. I've been crafting one mote a day, buying whichever symbols I need while salvaging as much gear as I can in hopes of getting free symbols. That's kept the cost relatively painless. At the moment I have 25 of the 75 motes needed. Last night I figured out what it would cost to buy the remaining 50. Buying the mystic motes outright would take 34 gold, 35 silver, and 80 copper. Buying the individual symbols and crafting the motes myself would cost 28 gold, 77 silver, and 52 copper. I have the gold to buy what's needed to finish the sigil anytime I want but I probably won't. There's no rush and the slow route of crafting a mote a day with salvaged and bought symbols gives me time to replenish my mat stores.

So for me this sigil has been a painless introduction to legendary crafting. My long range plan is to save up the gold to buy legendary weapons while doing a bit of wvw every day with an eye toward pursuing legendary armor that way. Again, there is no rush on any of this. Some of my alts have full ascended kits and others are doing quite well with exotic gear. The legendaries just give me long-term goals. I like playing with different builds so the ability to switch stats freely, especially when the build templates are available, make the legendaries a worthwhile goal for me.

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