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Connection Issues

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When you disconnect, do you go to character select screen or full dc? Because I have a problem for a month already, maybe more (had it before, but I returned only recently): I dc, but I always go just to the character select screen, I and everything else is ok. I can even ping some ip and it will be ok with 0 losses but I will have dc in gw2 and only in gw2. Sometimes it comes as a very high ping spike, and sometimes it is just dc, where I can't press any skill, everybody around runing into the walls I am going into the character select screen.

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@deadrage.8419 said:I have also had issues with gw2 disconnecting in the last 2-3 days. I've reset modem and router a couple time just in case with no luck. I get dc'ed to the character select screen when i have the connection issue. I don't any connection issues in any other apps.

Same here, yesterday alone I've got dc'd more then 7 times...

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