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Getting better results healing on a subpar guardian build


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It bothers me that I had way better results healing in wvw on subpar hybrid dragonhunter build, that had 0 concentration and around 1000 heal power. I could have run the best geared Druid heal build and not had the same results. Frustrating that nothing has been done to update Druid staff and celestial avatar for competitive play after all this time.

The larger meaning to stuff like this- Potentially a player must change what they want to play in favor for what works better for certain team content. Loading up a Minstrel Druid will not have the same outcome as a full Minstrel heal guardian, nor will players want the Druid when a far better healing alternative exists.

Facts like the above are all around the game, and it bothersome to see certain balance changes happen when there are indeed areas of higher importance or urgency that need the attention. Examples... Deadeye (the 1 shot permastealth-super evade-infinite porter) gets a rework to gameplay mechanics and recently traps, yet Druid staff and celestial avatar still remains very low quality.... Druid is mostly in raid content for the damage buffs, and if you removed that then the Druid would be out... Go figure for a spec that was sold as a “bringing heavy healing to the game”... That ultimately shined for roaming and dueling, not team healing.

Deadeye damage was boosted previously, but Druid staff, that tics horrible damage and extremely low heals, got what? A cooldown nerf to #3 and #5 is now regen... Regen, when I’m getting hit for thousands of incoming damage...

How many times now has longbow been fiddled with? Yet shortbow? But the goal is build diversity?

I’m not being rude, but the more I play, the more I dislike the box the team forced in certain designs. There is very little build freedom and fun to be had, well, outside of playing damage... And still the choices of damage builds are narrower at the meta phase. The concept of “balance” in gw2 seems more like it’s chaos and confusion, and the team doesn’t seem to be flexible at all, or really open to making QoL improvements. It’s kinda like “we get what we get” and move on to the next seemingly random change.

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