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Dungeon Siege WvW Meta Event


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This an idea for what I called WvW Meta Event Rotation, in which certain meta events in WvW trigger doing different Meta objectives in a random rotation still set on a timer trigger.

Dungeon Siege:

Under the ground of EBG left behind from ages ago the Dwarfs of the world built dungeons to imprison destroyers. But since the abandonment by the Dwarfs, War Generals of the land have used these Dungeons to hold prisoners of war.

When the event starts, passage in the starter area opens up to grant access to the under ground dungeon area. Each Faction has their own Dungeon, which holds 20 Banners of War (10 from each of the two enemy factions).Your objective is to break into enemy dungeon and rescue your Factions War Banners and run them back to your Dungeon. Players carrying the Warbanner can't stealth, can't use teleports nor mounts. Drops on down. Your team need capture banners, escorts players while also defending your own factions war banners.

At the end of the meta the Faction with the most banners will get bonus points and spawn an additional Champion on the battlefield.

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