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[EU] The Jade Dragon [Jade] is recruiting!


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[EU] The Jade Dragon [Jade] is recruiting!

Casual guild, PvX (Mostly PvE), Fractals, raids and raid trainings and more!Are you a new player, a veteran guild wars 2 player, or have you been on a break from guild wars 2?Are you Looking for a friendly guild to help you on your epic adventures?Then "The Jade Dragon" might be the place for you!We are a Friendly PvX guild who likes to enjoy all sorts of content from Guild Wars 2 and make new friends along the way!


To be active player and to have Discord to join the server!Any skill level is accepted.Be respectful to other guild mates and staff and most important, have fun with us! Mic is preferred for Guild Missions and Raid Training, but no need to talk if you don't want, listening is important.

What we offer?

Maxed out Guild Hall, Weekly Raid Trainings / Raid Clears, Weekly Guild Missions, Weekly Fractal Trainings, Daily Fractal Runs, Fractal CMs, Fractal CM Training and more upcoming events!From time to time we'll include others including Fashion Wars, Monthly Lottery, Beetle Racing, Jumping Puzzle Races and so on!Helpful information on the game and it's current events via Discord channels.Possibility to join events from our allied guild Celestial Bunnies!

What we aim to be?

We aim to be friendly community. We want to provide all members a good time, to laugh with us and to enjoy playing this game with us.We include our staff on hand to help out with anything regarding the game.. and don't be a stranger, ask anything if you need help or if you have suggestions about anything!

These are our rules

  • Respect others. Treat all other players with dignity and respect. Be respectful of other members of the guild, their abilities, their contributions, and any extra duties they perform to keep the guild running.
  • We all play to have fun. Don't ruin it for other people. It is you, and not the Guild Leadership, who is primarily responsible for whether you are having fun or not.
  • Abusive, threatening, discriminatory, or prejudicial behaviour of any form is expressly forbidden and will be met with immediate expulsion from the guild. Intentionally vexatious, obstructive, malicious, hostile, aggressive, or insulting behaviour is not acceptable.
  • Join our discord. Make sure to join the discord so we can communicate with one another during events such as guild missions and also to stay up to date with our guild.

Where can I sign up?!

Contact me via game Santeri.1390 or via Discord Santeri#1999 if you're interested! :)

Last Edit: 22nd of October 2020

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@"Arasaris.5681" said:Hi, do you still have a spot on the roster for training raids?

Yeah, we have some spots left for trainings, anyone who has the build and exotic+ is free to join. We do signup form the day before training and anyone who wants to join can fill himself in. Those who are not sure or can't join because there is no spots left can signup as a "backup" in case someone is not coming

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