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Garden Plot: Lost Varietal Plant Nodes

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So I just have the basic garden plot. I planted 4 varietal peppercorns, then after reset I did a home gathering with a guildie and they had the old homegrown onions and stuff, I guess they didn't plant varietal stuff the previous day, not sure how that works. Anyways I harvested those nodes and then afterwards I went to my home instance and there were no peppercorns, just 4 open soils.

Not sure if this is intentional or a bug. If it's not a bug i guess this is just a PSA: harvest your varietal nodes first or just leave the garden nodes alone in other home instances.

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It appears to be working as intended from the most recent update on the ascended garden box.

It has already had a few posts on the topic with some suggested changes to account for the fact many players share home instances with friends and family while still keeping the ascended gate. We (or at least I ) am keeping hope that tomorrow might bring an improvement or a comment on it's possible improvement, but would be safe not to be too hopeful unfortunately :/

Hiya Linken :)

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