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Mysterious vanishing mastery insight.


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Hello! The other day, I was doing the DERV escort in Dragonfall, and while walking I noticed on the minimap a mastery nearby. I tried to climb the trees, got to the top of the branch, and it was a mastery floating above the treetops. Since I did not have the Skyscale at the moment, It was impossible for me to pick it up. Now I got my Skyscale, and began looking for it. but It never showed up again on my minimap. I tried surveying the area on my Skyscale, but to no avail. I could never find it again. It doesn't even show up on the achievements tab, I tried going over them, but none is specifically floating above the trees<.< So what are your ideas about this? Could this be some sort of hidden mastery? or am I going crazy from all the scale grind lmao

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