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Stop allowing 2 of the same class on one team


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@Aaralyna.3104 said:I am already happy if I manage to get in a pvp match within 5 minutes this season.... As a mesmer (on now bronze 2 because I decayed a lot due to silly long wait times and me cancelling in queue and only won 2 matches). Such a change from coming from gold 1/silver 2 and a minute queue time max.

Are you on EU? I never have such queue times. Playing p2 in EU and have maybe 2 minutes of queue time. My alt was gold at the beginning of the season and the queue there was usually 1-2 minutes long. If you are on US, consider switching servers for better population.

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This would make matchmaking slower, but there could be a way to both allow profession locking while also speeding matchmaking:

Allow players to queue with a list of selected characters rather than with the current character.

You would go a new tab in the PvP panel (also accessible by talking with a certain NPC), and there you would see a list of all of your characters and their professions.
You would be able to select up to 9 different characters, 1 of each profession.
When you queue for PvP matches, it will be with the selected characters in tat , not with the current one.

This would allow quite some interesting things. For example:

  • Locking professions at the start of matches, since players would be able to select exactly the character they want to queue with.
  • Having separate ratings per profession.
  • Have each character queue with more than 1 character. This would allow considerably faster queuing, since each player-profession combination could be considered as a separate entity. If a player is considered too high or lower rating for a match with their thief, but it's a match with their elementalist, and they have chosen an elementalist to queue, they would be picked as elementalist instead having to wait longer as thief.
  • Players would be able to do whatever else they want with whichever character they want, without having to switch characters at the start of a match.

Of course, this would rule out the pre-game of choosing professions you think may counter the choices of the enemy. For that, there could be a way to extend this "list queue" system along upcoming build templates to include a "Drafting phase" at the start of matches.
Players would queue with builds instead professions, and they would have a certain amount of points to make changes to their build during their match to allow for some flexibility.
At the start of a ranked or tournament match, each team would take turns choosing the builds they will use, and banning builds from enemies. Any build that is too close to a banned build would be forbidden.

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Or; just a thought, stop people from class-switching after they're in a game. The game already tries to mirror compositions, so it would boil down to the skill of either player in that role if they couldn't change class. That would make having 2 of one class more fair.

A lot of the pro metagaming players abuse the heck out of this already, and that's probably where you see the problem. If they queue as the class they counter or have the easiest time with, then switch to the actual class they want to play as, then they can pretty much guarantee one or two of the same class they're trying to counter to the other team.

Anyone who doesn't play at that skill level(AKA almost everyone besides the very top%), only plays one profession or one role, or just wants to play the ranked without metagaming is pretty out of luck. Either you play at a disadvantage or you're forced into a game of scuffed metagaming rock, paper, scissors counterpicking until the match starts, which often leads to your team being down a player at the start.

You can't say class-switching isn't metagaming and that it's an integral part of the game when it doesn't feel like it should even be there. There's no sort of interface or hinting that you can even do it, and if I went and bought an SSD and loaded GW2 onto it, then i'd have an outside advantage using it that other players wouldn't have.

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OR ... 2 of the same elite spec - core spec

tempest + weaver is fine imo or even scrapper + holosmith (which are more controversial right)

Or (again) if there is already a doublet in the team ... don't allow a second one ... Like double thief double mesmer (or things like that)

One doublet is fine ... two is a bit non-sense (imo)

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Firebrand can play heal and condiWeaver can play bunker, burning, or powerMirage can be power or condiDaredevil can be power or condi

Limiting to one class really misses the point. The problem isn't with too many of one class, the problem is with spamming OP classes. Nerf the OP classes and this isn't a problem.

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