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[NA] Returning player Looking for casual guild for PVX stuffs - Tarnished Coast


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Hey all, Little bout me: I'm mute IRL, so looking for a guild I do NOT have to be able to speak to in Voice Chat to get to know(I can listen and respond in guild chat, but if no one reads it or responds, there's not much I can do about it). Also looking for active guild chat with chill people to get to know as sometimes I just want to chill and listen to music while talking to people. I'm in my upper 30's agewise, and have played on and off since the game launched. I have characters of each class maxed out at least at 80, though not perfectly geared, and currently have to work myself through the old story content again.

I am mostly interested in WvW and general casual Meta events or farming content. Not so interested in Raiding, Spvp, or fractals. I also would prefer a guild that is not political. I am not sensitive to topics and I curse like a sailor, but I've found that political stuff, especially in a time of elections never ends well for a group. I may work on getting the gold to transfer servers for the right group(if they engage in WvW). Hit me up if you think your group may be a good fit. Really hoping for something for Late night hours, into early AM, Am PST player but play from about 4pm PST - 5AM PST.

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Bumping with a little more info: I am a PST player, but I play anywhere from 2pm PST to 4am PST, so a late night guild will probably be a good fit, if there's any like that. I'm pretty open to guild types, I just want an active guild chat for the most part. You can hit me up via my account id, Flinch.8061, or my two characters I'm mucking with right now: Rosen and Ywain Kelling(No alt codes)

I might also be interested in RPing too, but am entirely a novice in it.

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Hiya I am Okami one of two guild leaders for Aincrad SAO, if you’d like why not check us out and see if you may be a good fit. We are a casual to semi casual guild whose focus is pvx, we do more wvw and pve based stuff and are a pretty laid back bunch.

Also we are currently online in game if you wanted to message me or our other guild leader KiritoAsuna. :)


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