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Can Roller Beetle skin be a sedan?


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@huluobo.7036 said:There is a motorcycle in Guild Wars 2, because the two wheels exist, will the skin of the four-wheeler appear later?

I think if I were going for a new vehicle in a fantasy game I at least go for a rugged Jeep or a flashy sports model. Not a modest economy vehicle, unless mileage was a thing. Like you had to periodic fill it up.

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Excuse me what?Why a sedan of all things?

! also I don't think I've seen any Two wheelers per se, but I have seen Three wheelers ( Two variants of the Charr tank/car/buggy).! The Charr have a mobile bunker thing or troop carrier, whatever it is, that has four wheels, which is usually towed by the weird looking Charr Main Battle Tank (The big tank with a Charr face on it). There is also the human carriage; that has four wheels.

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